“Next Right Thing”

The “Next Right Thing” extended-day tutoring program is meeting or exceeding their goals to help under-performing elementary school students read at grade level, according to a recent report by United Way of Escambia County.

Last August, United Way of Escambia County awarded a potential $100,000 to fund “Next Right Thing,” which is manned by a group of teachers who agreed to provide the tutoring program.

“This grant has made the difference between a child who has never attained success in reading to one who cannot put the books down because they can now read them,” said President/CEO of Global Learning Academy, Dr. Sheree Cagle. “It is opening up an academic world for children that has been previously been closed because of their limitations.”

The Foundation of Excellence, now known as the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation, received the grant to help provide necessary resources to extend the school day for under-performing readers.

Of the 546 students that served through March 2012, about of 60 percent of Kindergarten to third graders has made six months of gains based on IPM SuccessMaker program measurements. Even more astounding, and average of 76 percent of those students participating in extended-day tutoring advanced to the next reading stage of the Tyner Small Group Instruction Model.

“We are very proud of what the ‘Next Right Thing’ has been able to accomplish in the lives of students who may not have otherwise had an opportunity to succeed,” said Andrea Farage, President/CEO of United Way of Escambia County. “Our community is blessed to have teachers who are investing in our children’s futures.”

If the program continues to prove it is substantially beneficial to students, United Way will seek funds to make the program available for an additional two years. United Way’s goal for 2011 was to focus on additional funding for ensuring that all students in our community are more prepared to succeed in later grades. This grant, above normal allocations made through funds distribution and donor designations, is designed to achieve results.

For more information about United Way of Escambia County, visit unitedwayescambia.org