No Obama wish list here

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that Broward County has submitted its wish list for the Obama Economic Stimulus package to its Congressional delegation. How came we heard nothing from our Escambia and Santa Rosa county leaders on submitting a similar list to Congressman Jeff Miller and Sen. Bill Nelson?

Prior to the new year, I know there was talk about interim City Manager AL Coby hiring the lobbying group that Land Capital had proposed they were going to find grants for the maritime park. Not sure if that ever came to pass.

With all the infrastructure needs in our two counties, we should have a wish list, too.

Here is Broward County’s list:

$300 million to build the proposed 1,000-room luxury hotel at the convention center.

$70 million to improve wastewater treatment in light of new state regulations on dumping waste into the ocean.

$64.7 million for new parking garages at Port Everglades.

$30 million for a 10-courtroom addition to the aging state courthouse.

$26 million for greenways along the C-14 Canal and Hiatus and Flamingo roads.

$23 million for a bypass road through the port to relieve traffic from Fort Lauderdale Is your Fort Lauderdale restaurant clean? – Click Here. streets.

$22.8 million to build new offices for Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes.

$19.7 million to expand cruise terminals at the port.

$17.9 million to expand container yards at the port.

$14 million to construct the proposed sand-bypassing system at the port entrance, thus stopping sand from accumulating to the north and replenishing beaches to the south.

$13 million to expand the taxiway system at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

$13 million to buy 20 hybrid or hydrogen-fueled buses.

$6.9 million to expand Vista View Park in Davie.

$4 million to expand the Miramar Pinelands Natural Area.

$3.2 million to replace elevators and escalators in county buildings with more energy-efficient models.