Nobles: I think we’ve dealt fairly with everyone

Jack, the Pensacola City Council dealt more than fairly with Julian MacQueen, Al Coby, Frank Miller (see last post)…everyone but the citizens.

The citizens deserve to know what really happened, how it happened and who made the decisions that led to the council and public being told about only one appraisal and the original lease agreement being undervalued by $1 million. Was this whole scenario set up so that the council had to approve it or MacQueen couldn’t apply for Hyatt franchise by a the Nov. 25 deadline? Why wasn’t the agreement completed and brought to council weeks ago – so that the Hyatt deadline was a factor in the decision?

Marty Donovan, John Jerralds, Jewel Cannada-Wynn, PC Wu and outgoing council members Nobles, Mike DeSorbo and Mayor John Fogg voted for the deal. They have let themselves be manipulated by the staff or, at best, appear to be manipulated.

The City Council and Pensacola government continue to lose the public’s trust and confidence.

BTW: MacQueen is not obligated to build a Hyatt Place.