Notes: CMPA meeting

Approaching the vote:

Fogg: “Whoever is ranked, I can support either one. But, I can only hang my hat on the recommendation of Dr. Beitsh (Trinity).”

“I move: Trinity #1, Land Capital #2”

Collier: “I move to go with Trinity.”

Merting: “I moved for Land Capital. It’s my understanding that the Afro-American group favored Land Capital.”

“I recommend a vote against the Mayor’s motion.”

Ms. Bentina Terry: “I would have to pick the group that will help this community the most.”

Fogg: “Regardless of who does get picked, I feel that we could reject the contract if it didn’t meet the Covenant with the Community.”

Juanita Scott: “I would go with Land Capital.”

Collier: “Trinity has an actual track record of project of this scale and community involvement.”

Merting: “I think Land Capital brought in a good lobbying group that would better enable grants from Washington.”

Collier: “I call for motion (to nominate Trinity)”:
Motion fails 5-7

Merting: “I move for Land Capital”

Motion carries 8-4 – Fogg shifted to Land Capital.

Fogg: Motion to allow 60 days for negotiation
Motion Carries unanimously

Collier: “I think we’ve mishandled this process severley so far, but allowing it to take place in the newspaper and in the press.”