Notes: Pensacola City Council 4.10.08

April 10 City Council meeting notes:

Thursday night’s City Council meeting didn’t last 20 minutes, partly because four committees, such as Neighborhood Services and Enterprise Operations, did not meet recently, so there were no reports for Council.

Councilman John Jerralds said he will, at the next Committee of the Whole, propose one community center on the west side in lieu of two smaller facilities, one of which was suggested to be combined with a library.

That recommendation came recently from city parks and recreation director David Flaherty. Jerralds said after Thursday’s meeting he will suggest one “state of the art” facility. He also said the existing Westside Library should stay where it is.

P.C. Wu and Mike DeSorbo were absent from the meeting.

Other business included items from the recent Committee of the Whole. The items, which were all approved unanimously, included James Hinson being named an alternate for the Charter Review Commission, and Scott Sallis’ appointment to the Planning Board.

In addition, the City will enter into a contract for the firm Edward, Angell, Palmer and Dodge LLP to serve as disclosure counsel, and the number of city employees’ overtime hours will be limited to 300 in the calculation of retirement benefits.

The assets remaining in the General Pension and Retirement Fund after the final payment to the last retiree will revert back to the City for the fund to pay for bonds issued by the City.

Also at the meeting, Councilman Jack Nobles expressed concern about work on Bayfront Parkway being done fast enough, in time for tourist season. Councilman Mike Wiggins said he believes the Florida Department of Transportation is responsible for the holdup.