Occupy Pensacola has not given up the fight

Attorney Alistair McKenzie announced today that Occupy Pensacola has appealed the recent ruling by Judge Vinson in the case of Occupy Pensacola vs. The City of Pensacola.

“The members of Occupy Pensacola, after careful consideration of the Order issued by Judge Vinson, determined it was necessary for the protection of First Amendment rights in this country, to take its case back to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia,” said McKenzie. “Occupy Pensacola believes that Judge Vinson’s ruling in the matter departed from the established law regarding standing in First Amendment free speech cases. Occupy Pensacola also believes that summary judgment in favor of the City of Pensacola was improper due to factual disputes that existed at the time the court made its ruling.”

He added, “Occupy Pensacola is hopeful that its efforts in the appeal will be successful, as they were with the last appeal, and will result in the future protection of all Pensacola residents’ First Amendment rights to speak and protest freely about political issues within the city limits.”