Oil hits Sound side of Pensacola Beach

Oil has reached the neighborhoods on the beach SOUND side including the grass beds in and around Lafitte Cove (Peg Legs). Heavy oil is in the sound and entered the pass subsurface.

Email from reader:
The oil has arrived on our beach. It’s coming in very small to palm size tar balls and also in large sludge masses like the one you can see in his hand. Many are very small and stay on the sand under the water so walking on it will produce tarred feet. These photos were taken outside 25W and 27W Galvez.

Time to grab hazmat gear and pitch in……it has only just begun.

Another email 12:45 pm today

This is the scene in the water at DeLuna Point. The BP hotline was called this morning and the crews arrived within 20 minutes and are combing the beach from our place down to the beach before Ft Pickens.

We just left my friend’s Boardwalk condo only a few blocks down from our neighborhood. Tar all over the beach and not a worker in sight. We spoke to the condo mgr and she is calling the BP hotline.

Why wouldn’t they send crews to continue down the beach if it is rolling up right here? It isn’t going to suddenly stop at the end of the DeLuna Point neighborhood!