Oil Workers Still Not Wearing Respirators

During a national press conference this afternoon, David Michaels of OSHA said spill clean-up workers are still not being advised to use respirators.

“We are currently not recommending the use of respirators since it would require a great amount of work for being fitted and medical evaluations.”

He also said his agency was concerned with the use of the suits in the hot Gulf environment.

Right now there 1,800 federal agents working on the clean-up. Michaels said his agency had made more than 550 site visits.


As of Friday, 85 visibly oiled birds had been recovered in the Gulf states affected, with 38 dead on the scene.

Jane Leitor, a representative of the Department of Interior and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said there were an additional 60 birds recovered yesterday in Queen Bess Island in Louisiana, with 41 of those covered in oil.