Oliver’s Contract on the Table

If Escambia County Administrator Randy Oliver wasn’t yet sweating his upcoming job performance review, he probably is following this morning’s meeting. During its Committee of the Whole session, the Escambia County Commission decided to reserve the right to take a termination vote following the administrator’s Oct. 18 evaluation.

Commissioner Kevin White referred to the measure as “housekeeping” and said the board needed to reserve the right to take a termination vote to ensure that option is available. Otherwise, the commission would need to schedule the vote for another time if that was the direction it chose to go.

Both commissioners Grover Robinson and Marie Young expressed concerns about reserving the right to take such a vote. They were the two dissenting votes, as White was joined by Chairman Wilson Robertson and Vice Chairman Gene Valentino in passing a motion giving the commission the option to vote on terminating Oliver’s contract after the evaluation.

Oliver’s contract was scheduled to be discussed during a September meeting, but the issue was later pulled from the agenda. The county administrator’s evaluation—and, now, possibly a termination vote—is slated for the commission’s meeting next week.