Oops, Jeff Miller off by 23,000 bbls per day

Last week, Congressman Jeff Miller told us that BP was getting ahead of the oil spill and had recovered 4 million gallons. His actual quote was “They continue to be able to skim more oil off the surface than is leaking.” (Read more).

The latest estimates are that 25,000 bbls a day are spewing into the Gulf of Mexico so, according to Miller, the BP, Coast Guard and the fleet of hired charter boats would have to skim over 1 million gallons daily to just get even with the BP oil spill.

Marketwatch reports that BP officials are saying today they are recovering around 2,000 barrels of oil a day. Worse, BP says it will take “some time” to increase the flow and maximize the amount of oil that is captured.

So BP is about 23,000 bbls behind the spill –daily–which is 966,000 gallons they aren’t recovering.

Dammit, Jeff. Quit being a BP collaborator and at least give us good information. You can work for them, that’s your choice, but don’t lie for them.