Outbreak tied to GBHS graduation

Parents have contacted Inweekly about a large number of recent COVID-19 cases tied to graduation celebrations among Gulf Breeze High School students, one particularly that allegedly happened at a downtown Pensacola bar.

According to the Florida Department of Health, Santa Rosa County reported 32 positives cases over Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 25. The median ages were 21 and 23 for those days. On the previous five days, the median age had ranged from 36-27.


4 thoughts on “Outbreak tied to GBHS graduation

  1. It was the Navarre High graduation, too. Many of these kids got together after the ceremony, whether it was at Carraba’s or Wild Greg’s or house parties. They have now possibly infected their families and co-workers at the restaurants where they work.

  2. So it’s not attributed to the graduation it’s attributed to them going to bars.

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