Outzen banned from press conference

I received this email about this BP press conference:

Four media outlets will provide recorded pool video, audio and information for an interview early Wednesday morning with BP’s head of operations at the Bayou Chico facility, Pete Benson. Mr. Benson will meet these four media outlets (Miami Herald, WEAR, AM 1620, Pensacola News Journal) tomorrow morning for an interview about tar ball collection on Florida beaches. Lucia Bustamante, BP’s Community Liaison in Pensacola, will also be available. In addition to the interviews, the pool media outlets will also get video of workers cleaning up tar balls.

The four pool media outlets have been contacted and know to share the video, photos and audio in a fair manner with any media outlet who asks. An alert will also go out to statewide media from BP.

• Newspapers interested in pool coverage should contact pmazzei@miamiherald.com at the Miami Herald.
• TV stations interested in pool coverage should contact maaquilia@weartv.com at WEAR-TV.
• Radio stations interested in pool coverage should contact brathert@newsradio1620.com at AM 1620
There is no valid reason why the Independent News and WCOA are banned from this event. WCOA has better ratings than AM 1620. A true pooled media event would only have one newspaper–not two.

This is BP’s way of punishing me and avoiding direct questions for one of their loudest critics.