Outzen connected to three GOP candidates


Okay, I have to come clean and admit I have connections to three of the Republican candidates for House District 3:

Clay Ford and I served together on the Gulf Breeze City Council for 14 years. I nominated him for Mayor Pro Tem. My wife and daughters love his wife Carol. I once passed the salt to Clay at a city dinner.

Lyn Hart’s wife Nan worked for our family doctor Bill Zimmern whose wife Beverly served with me on the Gulf Breeze City Council. Nan has taken our temperatures, weighed us and stuck needles in various parts of the Outzen family anatomies. The Outzen women like Nan, too. She may know us better than anyone. I shook Lyn’s hand when I spoke to his Sertoma Club in December 2006.

George Scarborough has placed ads in our paper. His daughter Emily was in Pensacola Children’s Chorus with two of my daughters. Outzen women like Emily. Once George & I sat together in line for the Chorus’s Showtime tickets for four hours. His brother Joe ran for Congress four times. I think I voted for him once.

Tom Banjanin- I shook his hand, too – but alas no other connections. Outzen women have no opinion.
I hope this will clear up any conspiracies….or maybe they’ll start a few new ones.