Outzen hits 50


From the IN staff:

For the first time in three generations, an Outzen male has reached the ripe old age of 50. We had a betting pool going on whether the old man would make it. To our surprise Rick showed up for work today.

Here’s Rick’s AFTER-50 to-do list . . .

10. Raise prices for inclusion on “Most Influential” list.

9. Buy PNJ ad saluting the return of Luke McCoy.

8. Become a volunteer firefighter.

7. Pose for tasteful “Aged to Perfection” calendar shot with
strategically placed Corona bottle.

6. Sponsor Marty Donovan Appreciation Day at Community Maritime

5. Appear with Mark O’Brien on Hair Club for Men billboard.

4. Sumo-wrestle George Touart for the return of IN Weekly to
Escambia Courthouse.

3. Insert self into Lust List issue.

2. Lecture PYP members about the importance of obedience and
respect for the way things have always been.

1. Keep Outzen girls happy so someone sticks around to change the