Palin strategy may work

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is a favorite of local Republicans. They packed the Pensacola Civic Center when she made a campaign stop here.

While the general consensus is that Palin may have shot herself in the foot by resigning, there are those who think she might still be national political force. Bill O’Reilly believes that Palin can command $25,000 per talk on the lecture circuit. She has a book in the works, which will be a bestseller, and I believe FOX, CNN or MSNBC who would love to give her a regular show.

I’ve listened to Palin’s resignation speech twice. It’s a jumbled mess, but her fans don’t care. GOP candidates would love to her speak at any of their rallies. Rush Limbaugh will still promote her on his radio show.

With even money and time to polish her positions on major issues, Palin could make a credible run for the presidency, although 2012 may be too early.