Pare ran against Morgan in 2012

The PNJ today published an article regarding Mindy Pare. Attorney Joe Zarzaur has filed with the federal court a request that the judge compel Pare’s attorney to release to him “tangible documentation of Manning’s sexual relationships with multiple Sheriff’s Office employees,” as well as video that Leah Manning claims has the sheriff half-dressed in a motel room.

Leah Manning is a former jail employee that is serving 25 years for forcing her teenage daughter to have sex with a deputy. In a deposition, she alleged she had sexual relations with Sheriff Morgan and offered as her proof –her cellphone contacts, her dog named “David” and the alleged video that she claims Pare has.

Zarzaur represents one of Manning’s twin daughters in a federal civil lawsuit that alleges the sheriff ignored deputies having frequent sexual interactions with Manning.

Pare has been in the news before. She ran as a write-in against Morgan in 2012. She filed as NPA and closed the GOP primary to help challenger John Powell, whose campaign thought shutting out Democrats from the primary gave Powell a better chance.

The strategy didn’t work.

August 2012 GOP Primary

  • David Morgan (REP) 77.28%, 23,595 votes
  • John Russell Powell (REP) 22.72%, 6,938 votes

November 2012 General

  • David Morgan (REP)  96.26%, 21,575 votes
  • WRITE-IN – Mindy Pare  3.74%, 4,726 votes

At the time, Pare told the media that she had been fired by Sheriff Morgan and was running to give voters another choice. She didn’t respond to Inweekly’s candidate questionnaire.

The PNJ reports Pare in 2014 filed a discrimination suit against the sheriff. The case has yet to be tried.