Past due receivables at the Port of Pensacola continue to grow

As of November 30, the Port of Pensacola had accounts receivable totaling $506,393–with $109,935.04 that’s over 120 days and due from NWF Cold Storage. The frozen chicken exporter owes a total of $215,854. The Pate’s other company Pensacola Stevedoring owes the city $103,827–with $40,903 over 60 days past due.

The last Accounts Receivable Aging Summary was for Oct. 15, 2012. At the time, NWF Cold Storage owed $192,750; Pensacola Stevedoring $56,458. It doesn’t look like CEMEX has made a payment since Oct. 15 jumping from $19,221 to $38,642. General Electric appears to stay three invoices behind with $8800 over 30 days and another $8800 over 60 days.

Let’s hope the city is charging finance fees.

On a positive note, Offshore Inland Marine has gotten its account current and only owes $9,558.

See Aging Summary: port_ar_rpt_as_of_11-30-12.