PEDC minutes

The draft of the minutes of the May 28 PEDC meeting have been released, as per our records request last Friday.

Chairman Gene Valentino did tell the group that the meeting was scheduled at the request of Sam Hall and himself and that they had met to discuss setting the agenda for the PEDC meeting which would consist of reviewing financial information and surplus property. He stated that per his attorney, he is allowed to meet with other PEDC board members to discuss procedural matters like meeting schedules.

……Nice spin by Valentino. Remember Hall told the IN that they didn’t discuss PEDC.

Next interesting discussion is on the Tech Park

Valentino appears to be the only PEDC board member that does understand the project. Commissioner Kevin White states that Comm. Valentino is just trying to pick a fight with PEDC and the Chamber and that he has been on the PEDC for the past two years and that he knows what PEDC is doing with the tech park and its vision. White then left the meeting.

This agrees with how Comm. White and others have described this exchange to me.

Valentino asks for an updated financial, which Councilwoman Maren DeWeese reminds him that they had just approved.

Read the minutes.