Pensacola Bay Bridge Replacement Project Update

The Florida Department of Transportation is awaiting plans from five design-build firms on the $470 million Pensacola Bay Bridge Replacement Project from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze.

District 3 DOT planners are scheduled to open the designs and select the top bridge construction company in July. The proposed six-lane bridge, which DOT began accepting requests for proposals for in October, will replace the current four-lane one.

DOT spokesman Ian Satter said a public hearing to reveal the plans the department chooses will be scheduled following the bid opening this summer.

“Once we have a design in place for the bridge we will show people,” he said. “We will schedule an open house for people to get a good look and make comments.”

Innovative suggestions include bicycle lanes, a roundabout, an elevated roadway and other improvements to improve the bridge’s aesthetics.

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