Pensacola divided over Confederate monument

Divisions by race, age, party and neighborhood 

The city of Pensacola voters are divided on whether to remove the Confederate monument in Lee Square.

If you are White Republican, 65 or older and live on the east side of Pensacola, you most likely favor keeping the statue.

If you are any race other than White, you are more likely to support removing the monument.

If you are between the ages of 22-44, you are more likely to support removing the monument.

If you live on the west side (Districts 5, 6 and 7), you are more likely to support removing the monument.

If you aren’t a Republican, you are more likely to support removing the monument.

Do you think confederate monument in downtown Pensacola should be removed?

Overall Total %
Yes 269 43.6%
No 272 44.1%
Need more info 76 12.3%
City Districts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Wu Myers Terhaar Moore Jerralds Hill Cannada-Wynn
Yes 31.1% 36.6% 34.7% 34.7% 61.0% 56.7% 48.3%
No 54.0% 50.0% 51.0% 56.0% 24.4% 34.6% 40.4%
Need more info 14.9% 13.4% 14.3% 9.3% 14.6% 8.7% 11.2%
Race White Black Hispanic Asian Other
Yes 36.6% 70.5% 54.5% 62.5% 50.0%
No 51.7% 15.2% 45.5% 25.0% 40.0%
Need more info 12.3% 14.3% 0.0% 12.5% 10.0%
Age 18-21 22-34 35-44 45-64 65+
Yes 42.9% 53.7% 53.7% 45.4% 31.3%
No 42.9% 30.6% 35.8% 42.9% 56.9%
Need more info 14.3% 15.7% 10.5% 11.7% 11.8%
Party Dems GOP NPA
Yes 60.2% 23.5% 49.5%
No 27.6% 63.6% 39.4%
Need more info 12.3% 13.0% 11.0%


The Political Matrix sampled  617 city of Pensacola registered voters. The voters were on their cell phones and landlines using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system during the hours of 3-8 p.m. on June 26. The margin of error for this study is +/ 3.5% with a confidence level of 95%.


4 thoughts on “Pensacola divided over Confederate monument

  1. Lynn, My dear, look on the BLM donation page and google the term BLM and socialist in the same search. Also look at the world wide socialist party web site and the video but scrub your internet because you will get a hacker.

  2. Joan my Dear: Tragically, when they do donate, they are likely to bankroll a number of radical organizations, I assume you also mean local Tea Party, KKK, and Right to Life, and various so called Freedom and Patriot right wing organization whose sole premise is denied others who do not look or think like them, their FREEDOM TO PROTEST AND DONATE TO LIBERIAL ORGANIZATIONS LIKE THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND BLM MOVEMENT….

  3. I wonder if the older generation just understands the danger of Socialism and Markism more than the rest, that is what this boils down too. The younger one’s don’t seem to understand the effects of war and the people caught up in it due to propaganda. They think they are doing something for peace and opportunity for all when in fact they are enabling a worldwide global organization that is not good for the USA as a whole.

    Many see the slogan Black Lives Matter as a plea to ­secure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans, especially historically wronged African Americans. They add the BLM hashtag to their social-media profiles, carry BLM signs at protests and make financial donations.

    Tragically, when they do donate, they are likely to bankroll a number of radical organizations, founded by committed Marxists whose goals aren’t to make the American Dream a reality for everyone — but to transform America completely.

  4. If you are White Republican, 65 you favorer keeping the racist monument. Rick, remember that statement you made a few years ago ” We are one more funeral away from good government”. Confederate stature and Trump both need to disappear.

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