Pensacola Dysfunction Junction: Tanyard Day Six

Sorry to report, no change at in Tanyard neighborhood near the Mayor Ashton Hayward’s Government Street Stormwater Project, which is being construction only two blocks west of City Hall.

The filtration system is blocking Coyle Street. No fencing has been placed around the pond. The side streets are muddy and dirty.

According to the only letter that the City sent the Tanyard residents, the project was to be completed on Sunday, Dec. 18.


7 thoughts on “Pensacola Dysfunction Junction: Tanyard Day Six

  1. 134 days late? Someone find the contract with the GC and let’s see what the Liquidated damages are. The city may be getting this project done really cheap if our City attorney and procurement team did their jobs and included LDs for this.

  2. Concur. — I was intrigued by the City’s timing of promoting the ultimate good results in contrast to the glaring negative issues that you and others have brought to the forefront.

  3. Steve,
    It is a much-needed project, and no one is saying don’t build it. However, they should build it in way that doesn’t put children in the neighborhood in danger. They should keep the residents informed. And they need to do what they promised they would do – remove filtration system and build a construction fence around the property.

    According to the links, the city is now saying it will be completed May 2017. Would be nice to put that on the website with an updated budget.

    BTW: May 2017 completion date is 134 days longer that the residents were told, and that’s if the completion date is May 1, 2017.


  4. Interesting that the City is now touting how good things are, or will be, regarding this property.

    Have you seen:

    (1) City of Pensacola Twitter (posted 8:44 AM – 20 Dec 2016)

    (2) City of Pensacola Facebook page (posted ~9:30 AM – 20 Dec 2016)
    — With video by ‘The Pulse’ featuring Derrick Owens, Dir. Public Works & Facilities (posted ~12:30 PM 19 Dec 2016)

    (3) City of Pensacola website
    — Appears last update was April 2016

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