Pensacola Energy crews are working around the clock to safely repair damaged mains and restore services

Pensacola Energy, the natural gas utility serving most of Escambia County, is working around the clock to repair mains and restore services lost as a result of this week’s weather. Following is an update on service and repair:

Escambia County Central Booking and Detention Center – An explosion occurred at the facility at approximately 11 p.m., Wednesday night, apparently as a result of a natural gas leak. The explosion appears to have originated in the basement of the building. Pensacola Energy has verified that the gas main leading to the building is operating in a safe and effective manner. Pensacola Energy crews have shut off the gas service that supplied gas to the facility. The State Fire Marshall and investigators from ATF and PSC are investigating. Two fatalities and approximately 100 injuries have been reported. “Our hearts go out the families affected by this tragedy”, stated Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward.

Piedmont Drive – Natural gas mains developed leaks after the road gave way due to floodwaters. Pensacola Energy has secured the natural gas mains in the affected area. Six customers remain without service while further repairs are being made.

Scenic Highway – Damage on Scenic Highway has caused natural gas mains to be exposed. Pensacola Energy cautions the public to avoid those areas until they are secured. No customers lost service.

Crescent Lake-Damaged gas mains due to flooding have been made safe. Only those damaged homes that are not habitable are without gas service. All other customers are being served.

Bristol Park/Asbury-All mains are activated and all customers who requested service are being served.

Many areas scattered across the county have significant washouts in which natural gas mains and other utilities are exposed. The public should avoid these areas for their own safety and to prevent further damage.

Pensacola Energy reminds everyone to please report suspected natural gas leaks immediately by calling 850-474-5300, so they can be investigated. This is a 24 hour response service.