Pensacola has a Scooter Problem (w/ video)

By Jeremy Morrison

A few months into its relationship with Bird scooters, and the city of Pensacola is experiencing what Mayor Grover Robinson has referred to as “a little bit of a problem.”

“There are some things that have come to light,” Mayor Robinson said. “There are some people who are definitely not doing it right.”

Apparently, some riders are not abiding by the rules of the road, while others are using the scooters inappropriately, such as taking them onto the interstate.

“Some of these are intentional disregard for appropriate rideage, usage, and that’s what we’re hoping to target,” the mayor said. “There is also some just plain carelessness in dealing with traffic laws.”

In the coming months, city officials will be looking at changing the rules associated with Bird scooters, such as limiting the hours of operation. In the meantime, it has provided these videos of Bird scooters being ridden inappropriately.


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  1. I guess like most things they didn’t do any research. Communities in general hate the scooters.

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