Pensacola no longer in top 20 gay-friendly tourist spots

coffeeThe Travel Industry Association released yesterday its survey on the top tourist destinations for gay men and lesbians. Florida had three spots – Pensacola wasn’t one of them.

  1. San Francisco, CA (76%),
  2. Key West, FL (57%),
  3. New York, NY (51%),
  4. Fire Island, NY (48%),
  5. Provincetown, MA (46%),
  6. Los Angeles, CA (38%),
  7. Miami/South Beach, FL (37%),
  8. Las Vegas, NV (35%),
  9. New Orleans, LA (34%),
  10. Palm Springs/Palm Desert, CA (33%),
  11. Boston, MA (29%),
  12. Chicago, IL (29%),
  13. Fort Lauderdale/Wilton Manors, FL (29%),
  14. San Diego, CA (29%),
  15. Seattle/Bellevue, WA (27%),
  16. Washington, DC (23%),
  17. Honolulu, HI (22%),
  18. Palm Beach/West Palm/Boca Raton, FL (20%),
  19. Portland, OR (18%),
  20. Philadelphia, PA (17%),

The new study also disclosed that gay men, whether traveling alone or in groups, tend to spend more on

trips than lesbians and heterosexuals, as well as for air fare and car rentals. On their most recent trip, traveling alone, gay men on average reported that they spent nearly a third more on their total trip expenses ($800 on average) than did heterosexuals traveling alone ($540 on average). When gay men reported their last trip traveling as a group, the average spending of their entire party was $3,070, which was more than reported by heterosexual groups ($2,870) or lesbians traveling together ($2,740).