Pensacola Pledge Scholars: More Good News

Just yesterday, students in Escambia County’s public high schools were given hope thanks to the generosity of Quint and Rishy Studer.

“College education is the ticket to success,” said University of West Florida President, Judy Bense. “Today we celebrate hope and that 40 lives will be changed forever.”

While the Pensacola Pledge will not send every willing high school graduate to college, it does excite students about the possibility of higher education.

Farriel Moore just moved to Pensacola from Panama City. He has considered joining the service after high school graduation.

“The chances of going to college would be very slim without the Pensacola Pledge,” Moore said. “Going to college would mean everything to me.”

If Moore were to be granted with the Pensacola Pledge scholarship, he would like to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Not only will the scholarship give students the chance to excel academically, but it will boast our local universities.

“The Pensacola Pledge is a great opportunity to keep our talent at home,” said Superintendent, Malcolm Thomas.

However, $1 million will run out quickly. Right now, the Pensacola Pledge can fund four years of tuition for 40 students. The opportunity for those willing to donate to the scholarship is open. More students can be given hope each year thanks to you. You can contact Kyle Marrero, vice president for university advancement at 474-3306 or

For more information on the Pensacola Pledge, click here.