Pensacola Police Chief says little can be done about rise in homicides

The City of Pensacola homicide rate is the highest since 2012. The Pensacola Police Chief and Mayor were much more proactive about combating the violent crimes and gun violence four years ago than today.

In his monthly police report to the Pensacola City Council, Chief David Alexander reported that, overall, crime has reduced about 30 percent from 2015. He only briefly mentioned the rise in homicides.

Referring to the slides on a overhead screen, he said, “You see in the categories a wave of violent crimes. Last year at this time we didn’t have a homicide in October. This year we did. You can see a lot of the violent crimes have gone down in some areas. Then in some that they’re slightly up.”

The October homicide was the seventh for city this year, which ties the 2012 total that earned the city the moniker as one of the most dangerous small cities in the nation.

“I have to say with the violent crimes we really don’t have, other than having an officer placed in everyone’s home, there’s not a whole lot of things you can that to really control and mitigate issues like homicides,” said Chief Alexander. “I think right now we have seven. Of the seven, five of those actually, we’re working on clearing those.”

He added, “Those are some things they have to consider when you’re looking at issues like homicide.”

In 2012, when the City was experiencing a rise on homicides and other violent crimes, Police Chief Chip Simmons, who has since retired, took a more proactive stance against violent crimes, murders, and gun violence.

He called a press conference to announce he would saturate city neighborhoods with uniformed officers in an attempt to halt gun violence. Read more.

Mayor Ashton Hayward was at the press conference and voiced support for Simmon’s plan.

“The last thing we want is people getting shot at, much less killed,” said Mayor Hayward. “We’re gonna patrol every neighborhood. Every neighborhood deserves the same amount of policing, and that’s what we’re gonna do.”

Violent crimes did drop the following year. The number of murders dropped from seven to three. Aggravated assaults dropped from 347 to 290.


4 thoughts on “Pensacola Police Chief says little can be done about rise in homicides

  1. Florida is always listed in the dirty dozen of states with the highest corruption rates in the country. This corruption is reflected in City, County and State governments. The majority of City, County and State officials in Florida appear to be immersed in corruption. This applies especially to Escambia County and the City of Pensacola.
    Since Pensacola appears to be a sanctuary City for crime, Pensacola Police Chief Alexander’s report about homicides should not be a surprise to anyone. The only surprise is his statement that “overall, crime has reduced about 30 percent from 2015.” The reports about the rate of crime in Pensacola cannot be believed because the Pensacola Police Department refuses to accept and address many instances of crime reported to their department. I have repeatedly reported apparent crimes, to include felonies, on the part of City Officials and their accomplices to Pensacola Police Chiefs, including Police Chief Alexander, since 1998 and all of the chiefs have refused to address the crimes I have reported.
    As Mr. Dale Parker stated above, “It is time to DRAIN THE SWAMP HERE TOO!,” but there is an extremely powerful Illegal Power Cartel (IPC) running Pensacola which won’t let go. This IPC sees itself above the law and, in fact, appears to be able to use County and State Officials (including the Governor) to further their own agenda. The IPC is frequently heavily sadistic and appears to see us in Pensacola as potential victims to be forced, bullied and threatened into submission to be deprived of their property, both land and money.
    Example of City Officials refusing to stop illegal actions according to Florida Statutes which I have repeatedly reported since 1999: City Officials routinely violate Florida Statute112.313 regarding the appointment and reappointment of individuals who have a conflict-of-interest to Pensacola Advisory Boards. Pensacola Advisory Board members with a conflict of interest appear to routinely commit perjury by falsely swearing that they are eligible to hold the position when they are not. It appears that the decisions made by the boards are made by people who owe all, most, or some of their income to the City and this is strictly prohibited by Florida Law. Advisory Boards which are heavily laden with ineligible members with a conflict of interest appear to make decisions adverse to the general population as a whole. Some of their sweetheart deals have deprived us of almost all of our waterfront property with little or no return and have saddled us with heavy tax payments. Most of us have wanted to keep our waterfront for our collective use but the boards decided otherwise.
    Some board members with a conflict of interest use the Advisory Board membership to gain name recognition and experience as a path to the Pensacola City Council. For example, the City Council Member for my district, Councilman Brian Spencer, appears to be such a one. Now, as a Councilman, he consistently refuses to meet with me regarding the illegal closing of my business, without due process, he refuses to answer my emails and, most importantly, he refuses to work to lift the illegal prohibition of operating my business as legally authorized by the Pensacola City Council in 2001.
    Our local Pensacola Officials, our Law Enforcement Agencies and State Officials practice apparent illegal/criminal actions against us in Pensacola. It is especially egregious since so many of us here are veterans (my husband and I are war-time veterans) and served our country to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution and Government Officials refuse us our legitimate rights under the U.S. States Constitution. All of those involved in corruption should immediately be charged and arrested.
    High crimes rates are a symptom of a fatal disease and the fatal disease for Pensacola is corruption.

  2. I suppose since the Sheriff has taken the excuse “there is nothing I can do” , “I am helpless”, “the criminals will get upset if I arrest them”, attitude the new Pensacola Police Chief is following suit. When we we in Escambia County quite accepting failure and a defeated attitude about everything. When will we start expecting more from our leaders or so called leaders. It is time to DRAIN THE SWAMP HERE TOO!

  3. It is not “gun” violence. It is not knife violence or fist violence. It is criminal violence.
    If guns caused violence then Utah and Idaho would have the highest per capita crime rates.

  4. I almost have to agree with the Chief. How many of the murders were drug related? Eliminate the drug dealers and you would reduce the murder rate as well. I for one would not risk the lives of the officers to try to eliminate the dealers, let them kill each other off and they will fix the problem themselves.

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