Pensacola Promise is before City Council today – 3:15

Councilwoman Maren DeWeese will present her committee’s proposal for making it possible for City of Pensacola high school graduate to attend college. She is on the Committee of the Whole agenda for 3:15 p.m. The most conservative estimates ( meaning the highest possible cost) have the cost at $400,000, but the actual cost may be much less the first few years of the program. DeWeese is proposing revenues from the gas utility be used primarily to finance the program.

Diane Mack has already come out against the proposal:
“When the Pensacola City Council agreed to consider a proposal from Councilwoman DeWeese regarding this scholarship concept, there were two elements that were clearly identified by at least several Councilmembers as critical to a favorable consideration: (1) that the program must be equitable to all City students whether they attend public, parochial, or private schools, and (2) that the major source of funding for the program must be private funds. I am deeply disappointed to see that the final proposal discriminates against students in non-public schools and is dependent solely on City contributions, and I will therefore not support the program.”

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Read Maren’s comments.