Pet, Pets and Even More Pets

The IN is putting together a very special issue dedicated to pets and we’d love to include some of yours.

Photo Contest
So, if you think your dog or cat or fish (or whatever else you may own and call a pet) is super cute, please send us a photo to prove it.  We are going to be on the lookout for cutest, best dressed and maybe even most awkward—so keep that in mind when sorting through all the dozens we’re sure you have stored on your iPhone.

Look-A-Like Pets
You know those people who look just like their dogs (or vice versa)? Or how about those cats that look like famous people? We want to know them, too!  So if you or somebody you know has a look-a-like pet, please send us a photo of the pet and the person you think it resembles. We’ve got one dog already that looks like Anderson Cooper—but we need more.

“Pet Tales”
We’re also on the hunt for some fascinating “Pet Tales.”  So if your dog has ever saved a life, barked the beat to a Drake song or eaten an entire tub of toothpaste and lived through it, please email us the story.

Please direct all adorable pet pics and entertaining stories to Joani——by Monday morning (8/13).