Petition to Crist for Markes

Dianna Fitzgerald and the Lissencephaly Network have an online petition asking Gov. Crist to help Erin Markes:

Dear Governor Charlie Crist:

Erin’s son was dealt one of the cruelest hands in life. Now, DCF in Florida takes his mother away. The only joy this boy has known. Sadly, these are probably the last few days of this little guy’s life – doesn’t he deserve to spend them wrapped in his mother’s arms.

We, the undersigned, want you to exonerate Erin of all charges and send her son home. Let this little boy be surrounded by the family that loves him and cares for him. No one can ever predict how long a child with lissencephaly can live. The human spirit is an amazing thing. Keeping this little boy away from his mother extinguishes a little of that spark. He deserves more. As a society we owe it to him. We cannot punish him or his mother for circumstance out of their control.

Stop the madness. Drop the charges against Erin and send her son home.

To sign online: Exonerate Erin and Give her child back