Play Money

The city of Pensacola Parks and Recreation board will hold a special meeting Tuesday. The meeting will focus on Neighborhood Services fees and scholarships.

According to Press Secretary Derek Cosson, the parks and rec board requested the meeting in order to discuss standardizing fees at the city’s various recreation locations, as well as offering need-based scholarships.

“For example, say the daily admission to Hunter Pool costs less than at Roger Scott Pool, or that the rate for summer camp is less at Cobb Center than it is at Vickrey,” Cosson explained in an email. “My understanding is that some on the board have suggested that rather than set different rates for different areas of the city, perhaps fees should be standardized and then need-based scholarships offered.”

Any changes to the fee schedule recommended by the Parks board will need to be approved by the Pensacola City Council. Tuesday’s special board meeting runs from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., at Pensacola City Hall.