Playboy releases party list, School District left off

Playboy magazine’s list of top party schools was released today prior to the magazine’s Friday publication date. No. 1 on Playboy’s list is the University of Colorado, followed by Penn State, Arizona State and the University of Western Ontario.

The Escambia County Public School District did not make the list, despite what Walker Holmes reported in our April 1 issue. The school board has called a special workshop today at 3 p.m. at the Hall Center to discuss it. On the agenda:

1. Relaxing regulations at bus stops so that they can be within 100 feet of registered sex offenders or predators who don’t have to be monitored by the state. The current policy is no bus stops within 1000 feet of all registered sex offenders and predators.

2. Evaluation of school resource officers.

3. Presentation on how the schools report to SESIR the crime and violence on the campuses to the Florida Department of Education and what is reported to local law enforcement.