PNJ editor “discovers” area’s bitter side

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Pensacola News Journal Executive Editor Richard Schneider asked the daily newspaper’s readers to send him “two words that describe your hope for Pensacola, and an additional word, preferably a verb, that describes our current state.” Thirty days later, he only got 20 responses and, based on his Sunday, July 29 column, they weren’t very representative of the community….although he did try to spin it as “thoughtful and, I believe, mirror the feelings and the division of our city and region.”

The responses are more like a bad (or is it good?) day on particular afternoon radio call-in show on Pensacola-based radio station (how’s that for being PC?). According to the Schneider’s readers, Pensacola’s problems are:

Newcomers vs. Natives

Community Maritime Park “is our schism, our cross.”

The downtown crowd’s ignorant and cruel control of Escambia County’s future.”

Schneider’s next assignment for his 20 readers is “no more than three things you would like to see the city/county do to improve.” I can hardly wait another 30 days to read what Bill Davison and his pals have to write. I know it will be enlightening.

Note: The News Journal laid off more employees on Friday. Funny, in other cities, daily newspapers report their layoffs, but not here.