PNJ Most Powerful, circa 2001

In March 2001 Carl Wernicke and Ginny Graybiel put together a list of the 20 Top Movers and Shakers in Pensacola for the daily newspaper. Here is their list:


Charles Atwell, Travis Bowden, Jerry Burden, John Carr, Jim Cronley, Fred Donovan, Joe Endry, Bill Greenhut, Bob Kerrigan, Allen Levin, Patrick Madden, J. Collier Merrill, Eric Nickelsen, Mort O’Sullivan, Ray Russenberger, Don Salter, Mike Saxon, Al Stubblefield, Bobby Switzer, Tommy Tait.

The following people received at least three nominations apiece:

Dick Appleyard, Capt. Randy Bahr, Dick Baker, Lewis Bear, Tom Bonfield, Ellis Bullock III, Carol Carlan, Charlie Carlan, Bo Carter, W.D. Childers, Bob Cordes, Fred Duplantis, Chuck Emling, Jack Fetterman, Ken Ford, Mike Frey, Pete Gandy, Bob Hart, John Hodges, Hal Hudson, Coy Irvin, Ron Jackson, Doug Kinsinger, Martin Levin, Morris Marx, Jerry Maygarden, Jeff Miller, Neal Nash, Joe Ochsner, Mike Papantonio, Jim Paul, Sandy Ray, Buzz Ritchie, John Rogers, Sandy Sansing, Joe Scarborough, Betsy Smith, Brian Spencer and John Tice.