Poll: D1 voters not happy with Gaetz

According to a recent Panhandle Politico/Listener Group/Political Matrix poll, Republican voters in Florida Congressional District 1 still love former President Donald Trump (82%) but not so much Congressman Matt Gaetz. And the congressman’s poll numbers have flipped dramatically.

In April–just as stories surfaced that the federal government were investigation Gaetz of sex trafficking a minor surfaced, 68% of the D1 Republicans polled said Rep. Gaetz represented their values.

Gaetz has aggressively denying all charges.  However, the recent survey of 654 likely GOP voters found that only 24% now say the congressman’s behavior reflects their values.

 First, do you believe President Trump did all he could to Make America Great Again?
Responses: 654 Total Overall %
1. Yes 535 81.8%
2. No 119 18.2%
 Now, do you think Congressman Matt Gaetz’s possible indictment for sex-trafficking of a minor, combined with a duel federal investigation for corruption, and obstruction of justice, is a representation of your values?
Responses: 654 Total Overall %
1. Yes 158 24.2%
2. No 496 75.8%



The persons sampled were Florida Republican Congressional District 1 likely voters with a voting score of 100% for the primary and general election cycles. The voters called were those only with landlines and were called using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and were called during the hours of 4PM to 8PM on June 21, 2021. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 3.66% with a confidence level of 95%.


3 thoughts on “Poll: D1 voters not happy with Gaetz

  1. Values like storming a secure room in the Capitol because he wanted to draw attention to himself? Like committing a seditious act in voting to overturn the will of the people of this country? Like using other seditionists as his bodyguards? Like using Dad’s influence to get him out of a DUI? Like wearing a gas mask on the floor of the House as another “look at me stunt” mocking COVID-19? Like bringing a known Holocaust denier to Congress as a guest?

    Yeah sure–rock solid values are just oozing out of Baby Gaetz.

  2. I won’t address the other comment with their pretty hateful comment about the lack of brain power for Trump supporters. I am fairly certain that no matter the political party and affiliation you can find people on any side that are not as smart as others. Now for the poll itself, the way the question is worded is pretty crafty to make it sound like people don’t support Gaetz. Honestly it would be shocking that anyone would support the question the way it was presented however I also understand that some people would want to crash the poll question because of the very slanted way that it was worded. Clearly the writer of the question was hoping to get a result that would show a lack of support for Gaetz. Most people that I talk to very much would not support him IF the allegations are proven to be true however the job he has done to represent my values in Washington based on his voting record are something that I very much support.

  3. Trump supporters are not known for much brain power. If trump informers his supporters that Gaetz”s is not a child sex abuser,, they will flock to the polls to re-elected baby Gaetz, and will voted trumps again…Northwest Florida is not known for an educated or informed Republican Party members….

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