Poll: Robinson leads in mayor’s race, Buchanan nearly doubles support

Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson has a commanding lead in the race to be Pensacola’s next mayor but still falls short of winning the office without a runoff, according to the latest Inweekly/Political Matrix poll.   Who will be in the runoff against him? Right now, it’s David Mayo, but the other challengers aren’t out of contention.

Robinson garnered 41.8 percent of the respondents, followed by David Mayo (12.6 percent) and Drew Buchanan (10.5 percent). With the August primary 10 weeks away, 19.2 percent of the voters don’t know the candidates and another 6.8 percent are undecided.

The persons sampled were likely voters of the primary and general election cycles. They were called using an Interactive Voice Response system during the hours of 2-8 p.m. to June 14-15,. The phone numbers called were provided by the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections office. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 3.5 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent.

Responses %
Grover Robinson 239 41.8%
David Mayo 72 12.6%
Drew Buchanan 60 10.5%
Lawrence Powell 39 6.8%
Jonathan Green 13 2.3%
I don’t know these candidates 110 19.2%
Undecided 39 6.8%

When compared to the March 26 poll, Drew Buchanan  has the most momentum of the four other candidates.  Buchanan’s support increased by 4.6 percentage points, while Robinson and Mayo only picked up 1.4 points each.  The two new candidates, Lawrence Powell and Jonathan Green, appeared to  have picked up their support from the undecided. Of the two, Powell is within striking distance of making a runoff.

14-Jun 26-Mar
Grover Robinson 41.8% 40.4%
David Mayo 12.6% 11.2%
Drew Buchanan 10.5% 5.9%
Lawrence Powell 6.8%
Jonathan Green 2.3%
I don’t know these candidates 19.2%
Undecided 6.8% 42.5%



2 thoughts on “Poll: Robinson leads in mayor’s race, Buchanan nearly doubles support

  1. For those who voted for the person currently running second in the mayor’s race – “I don’t know these candidates” – here are the links to their campaign websites. Several candidates make claims they will not be able to back up (such as raising the citywide minimum wage to $15) because state law, the City Charter and/or the City Code (the body of city laws put in place by the City Council, laws that Hayward has routinely ignored for eight years) impose limitations upon the city government, the City Council and/or the Mayor. In some cases, one candidate (who shall remain nameless) almost eagerly admits to unspeakable ignorance about a basic issue on which he should be an expert.

    Drew Buchanan – https://drewforpensacola.com/

    Jonathan Green – https://www.jgreen2018.com/

    David Mayo – https://mayoformayor.com/

    Lawrence Powerll – https://www.lspowell.com/

    Grover Robinson – http://www.iamforgrover.com/

  2. I was undecided until I saw who Quint Studer was getting behind. Can you imagine, an outsider mutli-millionaire who has already transformed this city , actually getting along with your Mayor. I know, its mind boggling. Get ready for some positive growth with Grover, in ALL districts. Quint is also investing in his hometown in Wisconsin.

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