Poll shows concerns about Escambia School District

The public isn’t happy with the direction of the Escambia County public schools. Despite statements by school district officials that classrooms are safe, people are concerned about school safety.

The IN and Open Market Research, Inc. conducted on April 18 a survey of Escambia County residents on the direction of Escambia County public schools and safety in the classrooms. Only 16 percent of 390 surveyed felt the school district was going in the right direction. More than twice that percentage (35.4 percent) believed the district is going in the wrong direction.

When asked about the school safety, nearly 46 percent of those surveyed were concerned about safety in the public schools, with just 10.3 percent satisfied with school safety.

At what level is the most concerned about school safety?
High School: 25.6 percent
Middle School: 16.4 percent
Elementary School: 14.4 percent

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