Polls show DeSantis out of sync with Floridians

Quinnipiac University yesterday released its poll on what Floridians think about Gov. Ron DeSantis’s decisions regarding face masks.

A majority of people in Florida say 60% – 36% percent that they support requiring students, teachers, and staff to wear masks in schools, according to a Quinnipiac University poll of Florida adults.

Schools should be able to require masks for all students, say 54% of Floridians in a separate question, while 44% say that parents should decide whether or not their own student will be wearing a mask.The Political Matrix poll asked the question differently – should the state government or school board make the decision about masks. Only 23% said the decision should be made in Tallahassee.

On Gov. DeSantis’ threat to withhold school leaders’ salaries if they require masks for students, 69% told Quinnipiac it’s a bad idea, while 25 percent say it’s a good idea. The Political Matrix poll reported 70.7% disagreed DeSantis punishing school boards.

“As COVID-19 makes a frightening resurgence, it’s Tallahassee vs. the teaching institutions. Thumbs down from Floridians on DeSantis’ ban on mask requirements in public schools. Thumbs down on DeSantis’ call to freeze pay of administrators who mandate mask wearing. And he gets scant support from fellow Republicans on penalizing the school leaders who defy him,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

Read Quinnipiac poll – here.


4 thoughts on “Polls show DeSantis out of sync with Floridians

  1. Thanks Melissa
    Next thought, I believe the legislators in Tallahassee should be contacted, and make the proper steps to codify the laws to protect the public safety.

    Saltzman, Andrade, Broxson, — for all I know they are already on it with the FDA approval of the Pfizer. I see Rick has podcasts but I haven’t listened yet.

    I like the transcripts, the short version.

  2. You are hitting all the nails on the head with your thoughts on the current covid juncture, Joan. Your commentary on this is really smart and balanced. I’m beyond all patience at this point with the local and area leadership and administrative failures, while we see local officials all over the state of Florida defying this megalomaniac openly to fulfill their obligation of protecting the public’s health. Not here.

    It really says something about how out of touch the entire GOP has become in this area that they continue to cling to their “What covid?” routines, not wearing masks, tacitly participating in the conspiracy theories, refusing really to even acknowledge the blood bath that is going on, the dim sparks of positivity brainwashing bouncing around their eyeballs. Our delegation as a whole is worthless for anything but their own fundraising right now; they haven’t even gotten us one of the monoclonal antibody sites they are touting–the deliveries of which of course stopped far east of Pensacola.

    And, par for the course, Alex Andrade always finds a new lowest common denominator, running around social media today with his latest three-ring-circus, self-congratulatory frenzies of posting the same oily videos advertising his solipsism over and over, lecturing the media on truth when he has been divorced from any recognition of what that word means since his first term in office.

    It’s baffling to watch them all adhere to the status quo as DeathSantis’s ratings justifiably tank. Apparently, people are tired of having a governor who considers his phantasmagoric power hunger more important than the health of their children, and one whose sociopathic arrogance precludes him from sensing the tide is shifting against him.

    Wait until the next week of covid suffering racks up due to his homicidal negligence, which is now bordering on large scale manslaughter in his drive to make schoolchildren the vector-spreaders in his terrifying fantasy of “winning” herd immunity. It will be darkly humorous to watch how Republican leadership in Tallahassee handles it as the fall-out from their bungled attempt to PR away covid in this state becomes more ruinous.

  3. Rick you have been fantastic about posting comments, I have to believe the school board and the BOCC read here, I understand my concerns may not reflect what everyone thinks but please post these musing here for what they are worth. To me, they mean everything at this point in time:

    It’s HIPAA….. HIPAA, HIPPA and HIPPO. The one in the middle is a fake thing made up and passed on the internet.
    It is constitutional for the State to protect the public health, see Jacobson and Massachusetts 1905 Supreme court– during the smallpox epidemic and subsequent laws. The one in 1922 is important. It gave the school board the power to mandate immunizations.
    Some of the resistance is psychological and we can’t put all of the people in one neat box. Look up the psychology of a pandemic, We are on the same path as historical pandemics, except this time we have the marvel of modern medicine and the internet that allows more tribalism and for bad info to spread while reasoned people often check out.
    Often the vaccine psychological resistance argument is not reasonable yet if one attacks some one personally or politically it is counter productive.
    Some people really do not understand and have questions. If more of the population is vaccinated as a whole it gives the virus less chance to replicate and mutate and run away from the current vaccines.
    People are fearful but the mRNA has been studied since 1961 and the ability to map the genome of the virus is more recent (20 years)
    Vaccinated and unvaccinated can carry the virus, masks work to slow down the spread by keeping droplets to one’s self.
    DeSantis doesn’t seem to understand this and his executive order to ban masks was wrong and he should rescind it.
    In the meantime businesses and local government should work to take precautions.
    The unvaccinated filling up our hospitals take away from the rest of not only the health care system but keeps regular ongoing needs from being met for others.
    They are a burden in a larger proportion than others on society right now.
    Often the more resistant are the type that feel government interventions are a loss of freedom, some don’t trust the government, some are afraid, some uninformed, some don’t like to be pushed.
    If people had been this selfish 100 years ago, we may still have smallpox, polio and have lost WWII.
    The BOCC and school board need to step up.
    The squeaky wheels unconcerned with protecting the collective public health are not the majority.

  4. I’m sorry for the typos on my other comments. Thank you for posting them anyway.
    Yes I believe DeSantis actually said there is no science behind wearing the masks, or something like that. He is just wrong about that.

    I read much more then I comment and also read about the psychology of a pandemic. The psychological resistance to what people consider their freedom to their own choices drives the hesitance to government public health interventions. (among a few other reasons) Other historical pandemics went along some of the same paths that we are on and laws were put in place.

    I believe DeSantis has a degree in law but I think he misquoted or did not understand the state’s role, duty and power in this.

    I think he enjoyed, “the free state of Florida” moniker by avoiding some of the shutdowns which placed Floridians a better economic position for the citizens of the state, but unless he gets better medical and science advice, and heeds it, his support will plummet even more.

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