Possible end run on Charter vote

Email sent to Pensacola City Council:

From: Rusty Wells
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009 2:05 PM
To: Mike Wiggins; M Wiggins; P.C. Wu; Sam Hall; Sam HallFWD; Maren Deweese; ‘Maren DeWeese’; Larry B. Johnson; ‘lbjusa@aol.com’; John Jerralds; Jewel Cannada-Wynn; Ronald Townsend; Diane Mack; ‘Diane Mack’; ‘Megan Pratt’; Megan Pratt
Cc: Al Coby; Susan Woolf; Janet Matteson
Subject: Proposed Charter – City Attorney’s Office

Mayor and Councilmembers –

I was contacted by former City Attorney John Fleming earlier today and was informed that he is intending to attend the Council meeting tonight in order to urge Council to schedule a special Council meeting next week. He stated that tonight’s meeting is the last regular Council meeting to occur before refendum ballots are mailed out and he and his cohorts would like an opportunity to discuss some of the more complicated aspects of the proposed charter at a special meeting with you.

I expect that one side or the other on the referendum issue will continue to try to draw the members of Council and the City Attorney’s Office into discussions and debate over the current versus proposed charter, in order to use those statements for their own purposes. While the City Council can, of course, follow any course of action it chooses, until directed otherwise by the Council itself, the City Attorney’s Office does not intend to publicly comment or render opinions or judgments on this issue until after the voting has occurred.