Post-Election Responses

Last night proved to be a closely fought election for many local seats. The IN talked with several candidates and their campaign heads after last night’s primary to get their reaction to the results.

Pensacola Mayor (Mike Wiggins 37 %, Ashton Hayward 33 %, Diane Mack 15%, Charles Bare 13%)

“We’re very happy to get to general election (runoff against Wiggins). We believe the people have spoken for change and are tired of the same old, same old, status quo.”—Duwayne Escobedo, Ashton Hayward campaign manager.

“We are pleased with the results. For the general election we will continue to do the grassroots effort. That’s what it is all about. I think the people will see I have the experience and leadership to move us forward.”—Mike Wiggins

Dist. 2 Commissioner (Gene Valentino 34%, Karen Sindel 31%, Dave Murzin 22%, George Touart 11%)

“It was an amazing experience and can’t believe how close we came. For Valentino, it was his third time running. Murzin has been in politics all his life and George has been serving for more than 20 years. Here we are, the little campaign and we almost won. I actually called Gene last night and I left him a congratulations message. I honestly don’t know if there will be a recount or not, but it was so close.”—Karen Sindel

“I wish Gene well. Congratulations and wish him well…that’s all I’m going to say.”—George Touart

Dist. 4 Commissioner (Grover Robinson 75%, Dennis Green 25%)

“I’ve been known to take a beating, but I think it’s a good start for me, especially with a lack of campaign funds. I’ve got four years to campaign for that position. I do believe I’m the best suited for the job and I believe I’ll be the county commissioner in four years.“On another note, I think we ran a real good race…a gentlemen’s race and I’m glad we could stay above the fray.”—Dennis Green