PPD steps up Scenic Hwy watch

Press Release:
The Pensacola Police Department’s on-going quest to stop people from committing lewd behavior in public areas resulted in one man’s arrest on Monday.

Pratt Filan McCaskill, 61, of 8605 Airway Dr., Pensacola, was arrested just before 4 p.m. Monday. He was charged with indecent exposure.

The incident occurred around 3:55 p.m. in the chimney park area on Scenic Highway. An undercover officer first saw McCaskill standing on railroad tracks and noticed that the suspect followed him as he headed for the beach.

As the officer walked down the beach, he saw McCaskill walking in the same direction along the wood line. Within a minute after the officer stopped on the beach, the suspect, who had been staring at the officer, emerged from a trail leading to the beach.

After the suspect began to masturbate, the officer identified himself and arrested McCaskill.

If I was Council members Jewel Cannada-Wynn or Ronald Townsend, I would be asking how the PPD has the money to patrol Scenic Hwy more aggressively, but the city doesn’t, according to City Manager Al Coby, have the money to halt the open drug sales on the corner of A and Jackson streets….but that’s just me. I wouldn’t give up the fight for my district as easily.