Proposed veto power for the strong mayor

There is much being made about the strong mayor having the power to veto certain actions by the Pensacola City Council under the proposed charter. What you may not know is that city council can override any vote with six votes, which is only one more vote than what is necessary to pass anything on the council. The majority of the recommendations to council are passed unanimously. Rarely is there a close vote such as 6-4 or even 7-3.

A strong mayor will need to be sure that he has support before vetoing any action by the council if he wants to avoid a veto being overridden. Plus, the mayor will have to defend his vetoes to the media and when he is up for re-election.

Here is the section from the proposed charter:
To exercise a veto power over ordinances and resolutions adopted by City Council within five (5) days of adoption by City Council, except the Mayor may not exercise veto power over (i) an emergency ordinance as defined in Florida Statutes; (ii) those ordinances adopted as a result of quasi-judicial proceedings when such proceedings are mandated by law; and (iii) ordinances proposing Charter amendments, which the Council is required by law or by this Charter to place on the ballot. The Mayor may veto any “line item” in a budget or appropriation ordinance or resolution. A veto may be overridden only by an affirmative vote of at least six (6) Council Members.