Psst, COVID cases, positivity up in Escambia County

For the period from Oct. 11 through Oct. 20, Escambia County saw its positive COVID cases and positivity rates increase, while the number of test results reported dropped 14%.  The positives increased from 204 for first 10 days of October to 322 – 58% jump. The positivity rate increased 84% from 2.23% to 4.10% for the same period.

Tests Positives Rate
10/1-10/10 9156 204 2.23%
10/11-10/20 7860 322 4.10%
Increase -14% 58% 84%

A month ago, the positivity rate was 3.61% for Sept. 11-20.  The 4.10% positivity rate is the highest for a 10-period since Sept. 1-10 (5.07%).

The 7,860 test results reported is the lowest for a 10-period since June 21-30 (7,231), except for the period when we had testing sites shutdown in September because of Hurricane Sally.


1 thought on “Psst, COVID cases, positivity up in Escambia County

  1. One week out from the election and the virus is spiking everywhere. Also in the news, the annual flu/influenza has miraculously seen a seen a 98% reduction this year. Who would have guessed? 🤷‍♂️ Good thing the Mayor’s council extended the toothless mask mandate.

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