PYP, LEAP win on curbside recycling

The Pensacola Young Professionals and Leadership Pensacola Class of 2008 won big yesterday when the ECUA board voted for a compromise measure that would allow voluntary curbside recycling. It wasn’t complete victory – which would have been mandatory curbside recycling – but the rising leaders of this community banded together and spoke out in favor of the measure.

Why did the mandatory proposal fail? Larry Walker (, Elvin McCrovey ( and Logan Fink ( ). All three are up for re-election – which means they still don’t take the under 35 years as a serious voting bloc.

To get mandatory recycling and a progressive ECUA board, we need to replace one of this trio. The pre-filing deadline is May 19.

The salary is $32,477.00 + $2,400.00 Travel Allowance = $34,877.00 (Based on Salary as of July 1, 2007.) Qualifying fee – $25 or 25 valid signatures of registered voters within the district of the office sought.

All three can be beat. Fink has only raised $100, McCrovey $50, Walker $3,220.