Questions over MPDP financials

The daily is reporting on the war of words over releasing the financial data of Rick Rodriguez, the primary money backer of Maritime Park Development Partners.

Two questions are going unasked:

1) Where is the letter of intent for the performance bond, in the form requested by CMPA chair Eddie Todd? That really is the issue, not Rodriguez’s balance sheet.

2) If MPDP sues the City to keep the financial data confidential, who will pay for MPDP’s legal fees? So far, CMPA has paid $190K+ of the master developer’s legal fees. We have paid their attorneys to negotiate with our attorneys.

Just as we have paid for CMPA’s engineers to check the work we paid MPDP’s engineers to do to check on the work we paid Miller Caldwell’s engineers to do on the design criteria.

And don’t get me started on how many planning consultants have been paid by the City, CMPA and the Studer Group….but remember we’ve been debating and discussing this park since January 2005.