Racists takeover PNJ website


Today the daily newspaper ran a positive article on the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce naming Pat Brown as its Business Person of the Year. The comments on pnj.com posted following the article are some of the most ignorant and racist I’ve read in a long time.

Would the PNJ or any paper publish a story about an organization whose express goals are to promote economic achievement in the white business world? Or would a story about the Florida White Chamber of Commerce make the news? If an organization said they were formed to help economically depressed white companies succeed would that organization be labeled racist?

Just is sickening to hear this BLACK AFRICAN-AMERICAN CRAP all the time. WHY?

If White Americans, Sorry make that ENGLAND, FRENCH, RUSSIAN, ITALIAN,GERMAN, of course the list of WHITE (DOMINATE)COUNTRIES not associated with AFRICAN CULTURE goes on and on Why, don’t they print when a GERMAN- AMERICAN does anything special a lead-in like AFRICAN AMERICAN’S Get?

Benefits of a black chamber (from their website):
“Strength in Numbers � With chambers all over the state and our association with the National Black Chamber of Commerce, we are able to influence policies at a city, state, and national level.”

I know the KKK has a horrible history, but this is similar to their mission statement of today. Organize numbers to influence the political process in support of policies that strengthen White Christian Americans.

All of this is “provoked” by a positive article about a businessman who was born in Marianna graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. And has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Tech.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened. When the daily reported on the first birth of 2007 at Sacred Heart. The comments were filled with ethnic slurs towards Hispanics.