Rape victim’s poem possibly linked to accused Billings murder

Wayne Coldiron is the second person suspected of murdering the Billings.

I got this post to the blog. We can’t verify that the rape took place and only post to show that someone has posted this poem on the Internet. The poem was posted August 17, 2004 at 20:04:51.

There is the post:

Rick, I ran across this and don’t know what LE email addy to frwd it to. Maybe you could send on? It might be helpful in the investigation or not.

Scroll to the bottom and read the author’s comments about Wayne Coldiron. The author’s bio lists her living in Pensacola.


The Author’s comments at the end of the poem: “This poem is here today because of the two guys that raped me! Wayne Coldiron and Richard Owens!! Thanks a lot!”

* view author’s biography