Rate of new COVID cases

On April 22, Escambia County had 377 Florida residents that had tested positive. It took 50 days for the county to double that number: 761 on June 11.

By then bars, gyms, salons and most of business were open at least 50 percent. It only took 18 days to double the cases: 1,612 on June 29.

As of July 6, we are 80% of the way to doubling the cases again after only seven days and despite having a holiday weekend.

Hospitalizations on April 22 were 37. The number didn’t double until June 20 – 61 days later – when we reached 74. As July 6, FDOH reports we have had 120 hospitalizations – up 46.

Deaths on April 22 were 10. The number doubled on May 14 – 22 days later. The number doubled again on June 20 – 37 days later. As July 6, FDOH reports we have had 48 deaths – up 8.

Hospitalizations and deaths lag behind new positive cases, according to health cases. Rates of both should increase in two weeks.