Real News line-up for Thursday, Sept. 9

On NewsTalk 1370 WCOA this morning, my guests include Jessie Craig on the UWF Historic Trust’s 9/11 exhibit; Pastor Marcel Davis on his recent trip to New Orleans during which he delivered supplies to hurricane victims; ABC News’ Aaron Katersky will be back to talk about the heighten security for 9/11 memorial ceremony; and then Adam Putnam will talk about being with President George W. Bush when the Twin Towers were struck on Sept. 11, 2001.

The fun starts at 7:02 am.


3 thoughts on “Real News line-up for Thursday, Sept. 9

  1. Andy,
    Every comment goes into moderation. Sometimes I’m tied up with other stories and step away from blog. Your initial comment has been posted.

  2. Test because I thought I just posted a comment, hit post comment, and I don’t see it show up, concerns the 401a program and I have the same right to speak as Childers

  3. I want to be clear, I believe the 401a program is legal because yes, Tallahassee has passed legislation repealing the authorization of new programs thereof, but if you look at the principal behind ex post facto laws, basically that is what this would be, that Escambia County’s already existant program is struck down because the state repealed the authorizing act.

    In others, say Miami-Dade County had such a 401a for its elected officials, still does, and passed it before repeal that would be permissible but if Lafayette County did not before repeal they could not institute it now.

    I legally should have been sworn in as Circuit Clerk in January, Pam did not have the minimum valid signatures to qualify, everyone knows this.

    I am under the impression that an elected official specifically, it is 6 year vestment, so if sworn in and given credit and backpay I am eligible in 2027 under FRS and with current Circuit Clerk salary, presumably in office in 2027 am there till 2029, and this is before factoring in COLA and possible real time currency inflation, which America is in for this decade.

    But generally 8 years of service, presumably my pension in 2029 if out of office would be about $38,000-$40,000 per annum.

    So if I enrolled in the 401a program, what is my pension if I leave office in 2025, what is it if I leave office in 2029.

    I will concede with all the “go back to Alabama” comments I get, from so many, I have posted on the FB page of President Biden indicating my interest in appointment as U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Alabama and I will accept that appoint if made, pays the same as Circuit Clerk, it also comes with a pension as a presidential appointment, opens up a world of opportunity, so I will be honest, but is Mr. Outzen an honest enough “journalist” to determine whether or not Pam had the signatures, because if she didn’t, I was first place qualified candidate under Florida law, even as a qualified write in.

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