Real News podcast: Litton on Giants and local politics

The Dodgers–Giants rivalry is one of the greatest sports rivalry of all time.

The rivalry between the Giants and Dodgers began in the late 19th century when both clubs were based in New York City. The Giants played at the Polo Grounds in the borough of Manhattan and the Dodgers played in the borough of Brooklyn.

The Giants have more Total wins, Head-to-Head wins and World Series titles (8–7) in franchise history. However, the two teams have never met in the postseason in the modern era – until tonight.

Pensacola native Greg Litton was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the 1st round (10th pick) of the 1984 amateur draft. He played for the San Francisco Giants (1989-1992) and later the Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox.

He talks how deep the rivalry was in the Giants dugout and even in the minor leagues.

Litton is running for Florida House District as a Republican and shares why he is seeking the office.


1 thought on “Real News podcast: Litton on Giants and local politics

  1. Can’t wait to hear the interview with the lone Democratic candidate to date in the State House District 2 race. Chase Romagnano a non-city resident had originally filed to run for the city’s mayoral race. He listed as his address the Waterfront Rescue Mission. He next filed to run for the state race this time listing his address as the Alfred-Washburn Center. To be clear, he was at this time running for two offices. Then he dropped out of the state race. Over on the Republican side, Alex Andrade is raking in the cash from people who want something from him. On August 27, the Committee of Automotive Retail gave him $1,000. On September 24, the Florida Podiatry Political Committee gave him $500. On September 30, Jason Steele the Director of Government Relations at the the real estate law firm Smith & Associates in Melbourne gave Andrade $500. Steele also runs “a fast moving political cooking show.” Andrade must be exhausted taking all of their calls.

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