Real News podcast: Pensacola has leaders

The Pensacola News Journal this past weekend published its third, or maybe its fourth, somewhat positive editorial of 2021, congratulating community leaders for moving the Blue Angels Air Show to Pensacola Beach in November. The other two positive editorials honored Fred Levin and Bobby Bowden after they passed away.

I say the Sept. 5 editorial was “somewhat positive” because it had to include a dig at local leaders in its title: “Now this is community leadership.”

On NewsTalk 1370 WCOA this morning, I pointed out that our area has always had community leadership on many issues much more important than an air show. Yes, we have our challenges, but a tremendous amount of good is also happening…apparently without the notice of the PNJ editorial board.


1 thought on “Real News podcast: Pensacola has leaders

  1. We all know Quint Studer, John Peacock, et al, is behind the negativity on PNJ. They want everyone to think we have the most corrupt leadership so they can push their new form of government as they call it. D.C. Reeves going in as their Mayor is just the beginning. Let’s go ahead and change the name from Pensacola to Studerpeacola. Or Studercockcola.

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